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Alight Images is a residential and commercial real estate photography and video service based in Sacramento, CA, specializing in real estate photography and video, virtual tours for residential and commercial properties, and real estate video tours for agencies, agents, and private sellers.


Why Is Professional Photography So Important?

With more and more home-buyers searching online to find properties for sale, top quality real estate photos are more important than ever. Today, over ninety percent of Americans use the internet to shop for homes. According to a recent PR Newswire report, listings that used professional real estate photos sold 32 percent quicker than listings that did not have professional photos. Hiring a great professional real estate photographer can mean the difference between selling a property in weeks versus months.

It takes a considerable amount of time to take good quality photos. In addition to taking photos, you also have to properly edit and process the images, this can cause stress and take a lot of time, which is something you don’t need as a busy real estate agent. But when you hand over these jobs to a professional, you can spend more time with your clients as well as marketing your properties.

If you are hesitant to hire a photographer because of the cost, keep in mind that listings that have higher quality photos can mean higher asking prices. Besides increasing the chances of your current listing being sold, when you hire a professional photographer, you have better odds of receiving new listings, which can increase your sales!

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